• Study Reveals Complication Predictors in Children with Crohn’s Disease

  • Multi-disciplined faculty researchers form nucleus of re-energized research center

  • Punctuating the Messages Encoded in Human Genome with Transposable Elements

  • Georgia Tech researchers develop portable pattern recognition pipeline

  • Regrow a Tooth? Fish – Yes; Humans – Maybe Some Day

Welcome to the Center for Integrative Genomics at Georgia Tech. We are virtual affiliation of researchers interested in the application of genome-wide research strategies to diverse biological themes. In our center we - conduct quantitative genetic analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, metabolomes and phenomes; foster partnerships within the School of Biology, across Georgia Tech, and with collaborators in the Atlanta region; and study the complex interaction between genes, culture, and the environment in an evolutionary context.

News & Events

Researchers have successfully identified biological signatures in pediatric patients with newly diagnosed Crohn’s disease (CD) capable of predicting whether a child will develop disease-related complications requiring major surgery within three to five years.
Congratulations to Monica Rojas-Peña who successfully defended her dissertation yesterday: Gene Expression Profiling Approach Towards Enhancement of Malaria Vaccine Development
A new study provides perspective on the role that retrotransposable elements play in the precise execution of the human genome’s regulatory program.